Support of investments


Support of investments


In addition to the facilities, excellent infrastructure and traffic connections, a company located in the Puhos area will receive all the required support and services through the regional business development company KETI Oy. KETI can help with the relocation with a so-called "one stop shop" principle.

1) Comprehensive business development services: Central Karelia Development Company KETI

  • Expert services for start-up and development of the business.
  • Start-up grants for new entrepreneurs.
  • Extensive company networks and interest group co-operation.

2) The best investment and development subsidies in Finland

  • For example, start-up subsidy, max. €35 000.
  • Investment subsidies for machinery, equipment, facilities, max. 35 %.
  • Development subsidy for a company's business development, max 50 % (products, methods, processes, knowledge and internationalization, such as searching for new markets, international fairs, expert services, employment of a key person).

3) Recruitment of workforce and recruitment training

  • The workforce in Central Karelia is attuned and committed to industrial production.
  • Customised and flexible labour training for the companies' needs (education subsidies for the personnel's further training, recruitment training, workforce training, apprenticeship).

4 ) Research and development networks