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The Puhos industrial area has good public utility services and logistics alternatives (deep-water harbour 500 metres from the area, industrial railway, parking).

There are nearly 30,000 square metres of production and company facilities available. The area also offers plots for company use. The buildings of  Koivikon tila, located in the vicinity of the area, provide more space for companies for the further upgrading of foodstuffs and natural products.

The Puhos area includes several production companies: surface material manufacturer Surfactor Finland Oy and resin factory Hexion Oy. Operation of the Stora Enso Kitee sawmill ended at the end of 2019, so the area is looking for new industries.

Video of the Puhos industrial area

For more information on facilities currently for rent, contact: Kari Siponen, Technical Manager, phone: +358 40 105 1201, kari.siponen@kitee.fi


The Puhos industrial area has approximately 30,000 square metres of available production space.

More information on Puhos hall in this video.

PUHOS HALL• Teollisuustie 17

  • The Puhos hall is created as a safe and clean facility for companies in the food business and natural product industry. The production facilities are built and continuously developed for business needs.
  • A company can rent a suitable sized hall or office facility. The rent is affordable: warm space €3-5/m2, cold space €1-2/m2. Office facilities can also be rented for a shorter period (hour/day/week/month). The Puhos hall also has a meeting room with video-conference connections.

Technical information

  • Industrial hall owned by the town of Kitee, completed in 1989, expansions in 1997 and 2004.
  • Production space approx. 8,400 m2 (6,300 m2 of 4.6 m high and 900 m2 of 7 m high). Social and administration facilities, dining, office and presentation facilities.
  • Dryer building 720 m2, briquetting plant, briquette storage, 2 tarpaulin warehouses (á 730 m2). Total area is nearly 10,000 m2.
  • DRYER: 13 drying chambers, size 5,750*8,100*3,900 mm, total area of chamber 58 m2 and volume 226 m3.
  • ELECTRICITY: 20 kV/400 V transforming station in connection with production facilities. Rated power: 2500 kW/3500A. PKS contract output 1,300 kW and power available approx. 1,870 A. Three switchgear units. Estimated electricity consumption during production: approx. 4-6 MW/day.
  • WATER AND SEWERAGE: contract with Kiteen Vesikunta. Water pipeline M 63. Sewer HT 160.
  • SPRINKLER SYSTEM: 2 wet alarm valve areas and 7 glycol stations in the building.
  • Automatic loading bridges.
  • OPTICAL FIBRE CONNECTION in the hall 100/100 Mbit/s (4G on standby).
  • OFFICE HOTEL: workspace renting for the required time (hour/day/week/month). Meeting rooms with video-conference connections.
  • Modern TECHNOLOGY for the wood industry: compressed air system with automatic control, 20 m3/min (132 kW). Two sawdust stations of approximately 200,000 m3/h. Dust station 14,000 m3/h (20 kW).

Further information:
Kari Siponen, Technical Manager, phone: +358 40 105 1201, kari.siponen@kitee.fi


KOIVIKON TILA Koivikontie 6

Further information:
Koivikon Kartano Oy, Pekka Partanen, phone: +358 500 217 476.


  • Former production facilities of the Puhos Board Oy chipboard factory. Nine separate buildings, total floor area 23,000 m².

Foundation slab hall, finishing hall, coating hall, warehouses, workshop, office and social facilities and canteen.

  • Production building (1970-71) 1-3 floors, 11,900 m2 in total:
  1. Foundation slab hall 3,300 m2 (144 x 23 x 11 m), overhead and turning door 4 x 5 m at the ends. Communicating doors.
  2. Finishing hall 6,800 m2 (144 x 47 x 6 m).
  3. Central warehouse and workshop etc., 1,700 m2 (144 x 11.5 x 8.5 m). Two 4 x 5 m overhead doors in workshop, 4 x 3 m turning door in workshop.
  4. Office, social and dining facilities. Kitchen with appliances and equipment.
  • Coating factory (1989): thermally insulated hall is suitable for production or storage. 3,000 m2(67 x 47 x 5,5 m). Overhead door 4 x 5 m.
  • Product warehouse (1971): felt-roofed cold storage 6,700 m2 (97 x 72 x 7.2 m). Doors and doorways: sliding doors 4 x 6 m and 4 x 5 m, doorway 7 x 6 m. Industrial tracks throughout the warehouse.
  • Shipping unit (1987): separate building, 83 m2, relocatable.
  • Fire water pumping station (1971) 71 m2, gate building (1985) 24 m2.

Further information and facility presentations:
Tapani Ignatius, phone: +358 45 601 5449, ignatius.tapani@gmail.com



The industrial area in Puhos contains approximately 20 hectares of industrial land. The zoned area comprises nearly 300 hectares.

The town of Kitee sells and rents plots of different sizes. The public utility services in the area are partly available.

More information on individual plots in the Puhos area can be found via this link (fi).